Mar 20 2015

Production of the All-New MX-5 Miata Has Begun!

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Finally! It seems like we at have been waiting forever to announce that production has begun on the all-new Mazda MX-5 Miata, and now we finally can!

As of March 5th, production began on the next generation of the beloved roadster in Hiroshima, Japan. While the first units to come off the assembly line are headed for customers in that country, we are at least a step closer to seeing some of those vehicles head our way.

Of course, we at Sierra Mazda aren’t the only ones waiting for the MX-5 to arrive. Over 950,000 units of the roadster had been produced through the end of January of this year, and the model holds the official Guinness World Record for best-selling two-seat sports car in the world. That was before production began on the new model to meet the demand of fans around the world, so we imagine the folks working at the Ujina Plant No. 1 will be quite before busy.

The MX-5 is expected arrive on American soil later this year as a 2016 model. There’s more waiting to be done; but hey, production of the all-new MX-5 Miata is progress!

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