Feb 13 2015

Is a Faster MX-5 Miata Coming Our Way?

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As it turns out, we might get exactly what we want. Mazda has indeed hinted at a more powerful variant of its MX-5 Miata. The already desirable 2016 MX-5 Miata will be powered by a SKYACTIV-G 1.5-liter gasoline engine, though we may see a larger displacement or turbocharged engine down the road.

According to motoring.com.au, Kudo Hidetoshi, Mazda’s head of global public relations, said “We will have this ND-series model for maybe ten years, which gives us plenty of time to make many variants, and yes, a turbocharged or MPS variant is one of the options we will definitely consider.”

The website goes on to suggest that Mazda may use the 2.5-liter version of its SKYACTIV-G, which is currently offered in some high-end Mazda3 variants. However, Hidetoshi does mention that Mazda will likely opt for a turbocharged option instead, in an effort to maintain the MX-5 Miata’s lightweight structure and 50:50 weight distribution.

Only time will tell which powertrain technology the automaker chooses if and when a faster MX-5 Miata arrives. Check back in with the Sierra Mazda blog often, where we’ll post more details as they become available.

Look for the 2016 MX-5 Miata next spring, with sales in full-swing by summer.

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