Dec 12 2014

Mazda Safety Features Prove Their Merit

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At Sierra Mazda, we recognize that one of the most important aspects on any car is safety.  Recently in the UK, a 38-year-old driver was miraculously left unharmed after a 70 mph crash which totaled his Mazda RX8. Though we’re never happy to hear about an accident, this incident reveals just one reason drivers choose Mazda over competitors.

After the accident, the man said, “’I got out of the car, without any obvious scratches or pain, slightly disorientated, but breathing a sigh of relief, especially when I saw the amount of damage to the car.”

According to Daily Mail, the accident happen near Canterbury after it rained. The car hydroplaned, and smashed into an embankment. Despite the damage to the car, no one was injured thanks to the design of the RX8 and its many safety features.

Though the RX8 was discontinued in 2011, Mazda safety features are still better than ever. This includes systems like Blind Spot Monitoring, Smart City Brake Support, Dynamic Stability Control, and Rearview cameras among other things. This incident proves that Mazda is the place to go if you want safety.

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