Jun 11 2018

Mazda Vision Coupe Wins Concept Car Design of the Year in Geneva

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Mazda Vision Coupe | Sierra Mazda | Ottawa, IL

Award Winning.

Earlier this year, the Mazda Vision Coupe won the “Concept Car Design of the Year” title at the 11th Car Design Night held during the Geneva Motor Show. This was no surprise, as the Mazda Vision Coupe had already earned the attention and praise of critics when it was named the Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year at the Paris Motor Show.

So how was the Vision Coupe selected as the winner? Each year, 18 judges come together on behalf of Car Design News to study new concept cars. Each judge casts a vote for their favorite model to select the winner. Some of these esteemed judges include design directors at global automakers, meaning the Mazda Vision Coupe has even earned the praises of the designers of some of its direct competitors.

“[…] we are delighted once again to have Vision Coupe recognized with a global design award,” said Ikuo Maeda, Mazda’s managing executive officer in charge of design and brand style. “And it’s truly an honor to have this model, which aims to express the essence of Japanese aesthetics, applauded by some of the world’s top car designers.”

The Future is Coming soon.

While the Mazda Vision Coupe will not be produced as an actual model, it will influence the design direction of future Mazdas, including 2019 models that will soon be available at dealerships like Sierra Mazda in Ottawa, IL.

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