Feb 20 2018

Toyota-Mazda Partnership Helps Create New Autonomous Vehicle Concept

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Toyota-Mazda partnership | Sierra Mazda | Ottawa, IL

Future Project.

It looks like Mazda’s popular rotary engine will come back to the industry. The Japanese automaker recently announced that it is joining forces with Toyota-Mazda partnership to develop a range-extending rotary engine for use in a shared future project — the e-Palette Concept.

This concept, which Toyota revealed earlier this year at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is a battery-electric vehicle prototype that drives itself. With Mazda’s rotary engine, Toyota hopes to extend the e-Palette’s range.

More Information To Come.

There is little information out there about Mazda’s role in this Toyota-Mazda partnership, but Toyota’s presentation makes it seem as if this vehicle could be the answer to a lot of transportation needs. It will have an open interior design layout, which means it can be outfitted with an interior that suits the user’s needs, no matter what they are. According to Toyota, the e-Palette Concept will come in three sizes, so consumers can have the right vehicle for them in every way.

Along with Mazda, Toyota is also planning on partnering with Amazon, DiDi, Pizza Hut, and Uber. Each partner will utilize this technology in specific ways to enhance their respective industries. Toyota is predicting that this concept will actually be out on the road in various regions in the early 2020s, which means you could see it in Sierra Mazda showrooms in the next few years.

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