Jul 16 2017

Fuel Efficiency Hacks to Make the Most of Your Miles

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fuel efficiency hacks

Gas prices aren’t very reliable, but there are a few fuel efficiency hacks you can follow to guarantee that, no matter what type of vehicle you drive, you’re getting the most “go” out of every gallon of gas you purchase.

  1. Conserve gas by conserving your braking

Braking means accelerating, and accelerating is what really kills your fuel numbers. As you sit in traffic, leave yourself a buffer while all the other cars speed up to go. That way, you can time your forward motion so you coast to a stop instead of braking at the last minute. That will save more gas than you think!

  1. Cars aren’t magical motion machines

It might not seem like your car is doing much as you cruise over flat terrain, but even on easy roads, your vehicle is putting forth a titanic engineering effort that only increases on tougher paths, such as driving up hill. Let your car lose a little speed while you’re driving uphill; the lost MPH will save you MPG.

  1. Make sure your tires are properly inflated

It’s true: if your tires are even a little flat, you’re losing MPG. A tire with proper tire pressure is the best friend of lowered gas consumption.

If you’ve tried those fuel efficiency hacks, and you’re still worried your vehicle is guzzling a little too much gas, maybe it’s time for regular car maintenance. Give the Sierra Mazda service department a call today to schedule a service check-up!

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