Nov 16 2016

Top 5 Best Roadtrip Songs for Holiday Travels

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best roadtrip songs

Traveling to see family over the holidays? You might be dreading the miles and miles of open road ahead of you on your journey, but one of the perks of the job is making that roadtrip playlist. Here’s some of the best roadtrip songs to add to the mix, complete with car-themed puns.


Hit the Road, Jack – Ray Charles

Okay, so while you can’t really heed Ray’s advice to not “come back no more,” you can start off your journey by hitting the road to this classic rhythm and blues track.


Shut Up and Drive – Rihanna

The younger ones in your car might actually recognize this one. Rihanna’s pop vocals appeal to everyone in the vehicle to just shut up and drive, which makes it excellent for parents who just want to play the quiet game.


Highway to Hell – AC/DC

We’ve all been there—the middle of your trip, when it feels like you’ve been driving forever but you still have so long to go. Get over that midpoint disappointment by jamming out to some classic rock.


No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn – Beastie Boys

Raise your morale with this loud party anthem that’s easy to shout along with.


Born to Be Wild – Steppenwolf

Is there anything as iconic as that deep, thumping beat and that opening line—“get your motor runnin’/head out on the highway”? Born to Be Wild makes you feel adventurous and cool when you’re behind the wheel, making it one of the best road-trip songs for your holiday travels.


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