May 15 2016

Instructions on How to Prepare for a Tornado

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How to Prepare for a Tornado

Summer is usually renowned for its beautiful weather. However, that weather can suddenly turn violent with the introduction of a tornado to the area. Due to changing temperatures and fronts, a storm can sometimes produce a tornado, and that can spell trouble for you if you are not prepared. Fortunately, there are many ways to prepare for severe weather, even when there is the possibility of a tornado. Be sure to memorize these instructions on how to prepare for a tornado.

  • If severe weather is headed your way, then you should try to remove and dead or damaged branches from trees in your surrounding area.
  • Be sure to pick a room in your house to serve as your designated safe room. In order to provide you with the best protection, try to select a room that is in your basement and lacks windows.
  • Practice makes perfect for nearly everything in life. Therefore, you should set up a time to practice your tornado drill and go over it with your family.

By following these instructions on how to prepare for a tornado, you will be better prepared to face a severe tornado if it ever does touch down in your neighborhood.

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