Apr 23 2016

April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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distracted driving awareness

All day long, many of us are bombarded with bells, whistles, rings, and tweets from our phones. These notifications can be hard to ignore, but once you sit behind the wheel of your car, it is the most important time to ignore them.

Some drivers think that as long as they are using a hands-free device, it is still safe to talk on the phone. But, that is a dangerous misconception. According to the National Safety Council, 26% of all car accidents involve some sort of cell phone use, including hands-free.

Both driving and holding a conversation are thinking tasks, meaning that the brain cannot simultaneously focus on both. The brain actually rapidly switches between the two. This means that drivers talking on their phones can actually miss seeing up to 50% of their driving environment.

Here at Sierra Mazda, we want all of our customers to stay safe while on the road. We want to challenge everyone to sign this online pledge to “Take Back My Drive.” Imagine being able have a short time every day where you can disconnect and pay attention to the world around you instead of having to focus on your phone. Put your phone away and be a safer, happier driver.

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