Mar 04 2016

Mazda Koeru Concept Inspires New CX-4 Crossover

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New CX-4 crossover

The new CX-4 crossover will be slightly smaller than the CX-5, featured above.

With the Beijing Motor Show coming up in late April, automakers all over the globe are readying their latest and greatest for the occasion, and Mazda is no exception. Mazda unveiled the sporty Koeru crossover concept at another motor show last fall, but the production model is now underway and preparing for its debut in Beijing. The production version will be called the new CX-4 crossover and, while smaller than the original Koeru concept, borrows several of the concept’s slick styling cues.

The announcement of the CX-4’s impending unveiling was heralded by nothing but an ambiguous teaser image—a shot of the left side of the vehicle from behind. However, judging from the few design elements showcased in the image, such as the crossover’s distinctive, pointed rear pillar and chrome accents, it’s easy to tell the CX-4 heavily borrows from the design of the Koeru concept.

While the CX-4 will slot between the CX-3 and CX-5 in Mazda’s lineup, the CX-4 will share much of its chassis and underpinnings with the CX-5. Its smaller size with be due to its low-riding, arched roofline, which lends the CX-4 its sportier and more coupe-like shape. While the CX-5 focuses more heavily on utility, its new, slightly smaller sibling will be the more stylish and creative of the two.

Information on the new CX-4 crossover is limited, but more details are expected when the vehicle makes its Beijing debut. In the announcement, Mazda described the CX-4 as “a new type of crossover SUV designed to help customers live more creative lives.” With those sporty, coupe-like curves, the CX-4 is poised to appeal to drivers looking for a compromise between form and function.

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