Jan 09 2016

Mazda Fuel Efficiency Beats All Competition For Third Year in Row

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Mazda fuel efficiency

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, known most commonly in the auto industry for its fuel economy estimates, has recently announced which carmaker is the most overall efficient brand in the industry, and Mazda took home the title for the third consecutive year. Mazda fuel efficiency is the result of years of time, research, and effort put into modernizing the company’s vehicle lineup and reducing fuel consumption.

Unlike many other brands, Mazda does not have pickup trucks or SUVs in its lineup, reducing the amount of gas-guzzlers on the market. However, an interesting thing to note is that Mazda also doesn’t offer any hybrids or electric vehicles. The lineup’s low average fuel consumption — an average of 29.4, according to the EPA — is a result of innovation in engines that allows Mazda’s vehicles to travel longer while using less gas.

Mazda even has a name for these specially-made, efficient engines — SkyActiv, Mazda’s version of the direct-injection gasoline engine. The company has been using its SkyActiv technology as a major selling point when advertising its vehicles, and now that Mazda fuel efficiency has been backed by an official source like the EPA, consumers with an interest in fuel economy will definitely be turning their attention to the brand.

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