Apr 24 2015

Mazda Wins Best Car Styling Brand Award from Kelley Blue Book

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Best Car Styling Brand by Kelley Blue Book

Congratulations Mazda on being voted Best Car Styling Brand by Kelley Blue Book!

In the automotive world and in life in general, the debate rages on about whether style or substance is the more important feature of an object or product. Here at Sierra Mazda, though, we’re pretty sure they are equally important.

Mazda just won the Best Car Styling Brand award from Kelley Blue Book, which is great, especially because it will drive more people to look at our cars and see the substance implicit in the style as well.

Mazda hit a homerun when they started creating the KODO-Soul of Motion design language, an exclusive design aesthetic that has been applied all across the lineup. According to a Mazda press release, the aesthetic is “inspired by the movement of animals in the wild and their ability to showcase power in its purest form.” All of Mazda’s current models seek to capture that feeling as well.

The all-new

Mazda 2 is a great example. The next-generation minicar comes a full seven years after the original model’s release; the new Mazda 2 makes full use of its small size. It’s a tightly-coiled vehicle with plenty of style, power, comfort, and technology to go around.

Check out the new Mazda 2 and keep a look out for more new Mazda vehicles, all with that award-winning style, in the future.

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